At Graze Meat Co we raise free range chickens, turkeys and geese on pasture for discriminating, health conscious Manitobans that demand quality poultry products for their family.

At Graze Meat Co we raise high quality chickens, turkeys and geese for Manitobans that demand high quality poultry products for their family. Our poultry are moved from their brooder to high quality grass pasture as soon as the birds are old enough to comfortably live outside. Our chickens, geese and turkeys enjoy a diverse natural diet of of grass, legumes, forbs, insects and a well balanced grain ration. Our birds are day ranged on fresh grass pastures inside of large portable pens that protect them from predators. At night they are moved inside their portable shelter to protect them from the wet dew laden pastures. Pasturing poultry is labor intensive and each bird requires additional time to reach a harvestable weight than a confinement operation. We believe the additional cost and labor is well worth the effort to produce a happy, healthy bird which we feel has a superior texture and flavor gained from exercise and consuming a rich, diverse, natural diet.

Learn why pastured poultry is the healthier alternative? Read the study below by the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association.–Final%20-%20rev%204-22-15.pdf

Note: Our pastured poultry is not Manitoba government inspected and can only be sold to the final user. 

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