At Graze Meat Company

we manage the farm holistically.

Holistic farming involves management decisions and techniques that consider the health of all parts of the food chain starting with the soil. Everything in nature is interconnected and in order to improve and ensure our farm remains sustainable we work with and mimic nature. At Graze we are dedicated to improving and building our soils naturally with compost, organic matter, nutrient recycling and grazing management to ensure healthy, vibrant soil that is alive with beneficial life. Our animals are rotated through pastures continuously to ensure proper forage recovery before re-grazing. This “pulse” grazing of our grass  sequesters carbon in the soil, feeds the soil microbial life, which in turn releases nutrients for uptake by our grass for regrowth, http://www.nofamass.org/sites/default/files/2015_White_Paper_web.pdf. All of our pastures and hay fields are comprised of perennial grass varieties that do not require fuel intensive soil tillage, a process that releases sequestered carbon and destroys soil structure. By carefully recycling nutrients we ensure that micronutrients are available for uptake by our grass which provides our animals with nutrient dense forage which in turn allows us to provide you with a healthy, nutrient dense product.

Holistic management ensures ever improving soils, beneficial microbial life, diversity of plants, insects and wildlife.

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