Graze Meat Co is proud to offer Manitobans healthy, full flavoured, naturally raised, pastured pork.

At Graze Meat Co our pigs quality of life comes first and foremost, coincidentally when our pigs eat and live good it also produces a very high quality pork that we are proud to offer Manitobans. Our free range pigs are raised on large pastures where they can run, root, wallow, and enjoy the sunshine. These are all natural activities that are deeply ingrained in the instincts of pigs and are all very important to their quality of life. Our pigs enjoy a diverse selection of grass, legumes and forbs free from pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. Because pigs have a monogastric digestive system and cannot obtain all of their nutritional needs from grass, they require  some supplementation with grain. We source local non-GMO grains to supplement our pastured pigs’ diverse diet of green grass. We are very confident that discriminating Manitobans will be extremely happy with the superior texture and full flavor of our pastured pork raised naturally where these happy animals can live happy, healthy lives where they are encouraged to express their natural instincts to their fullest.

If you’ve never tried free range pork raised on pasture (not in mud pens) then you’ve not eaten quality pork. We constantly hear nothing but praise about how different and how good our pastured pork is. It’s juicy, full of flavour with a pleasant texture, try some today.

Why switch from industrial pork to pastured pork? Read the informative link below for more information.

Note: All Graze Meat Co pork products are processed at our local Manitoba provincially inspected abattoir.

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