Hens Free Ranging

At Graze Meat Co, we run a flock of dual purpose laying hens on pasture to produce high quality pastured eggs for discriminating Manitobans.

At Graze our laying hens are turned out to free range on grass based pasture as soon as the weather is warm enough for the hens to comfortably forage. Our hens consume a natural diet of grasses, legumes, forbs and insects which drastically improves the color, flavor and nutrition  of their eggs (read the link below to learn about nutritional advantages of pastured eggs). We work hard to ensure our hens live a pleasant life with room to roam and express their natural instincts.

Want to learn about the health benefits of pastured eggs? Read the informative link below.

Note: Our eggs are not inspected or graded in a government approved facility and can only be sold to the final user.

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